OmniKraft SMP Triathlon


Hello my fellow OmniKraftians. I recently have started a project for our community. It is a Triathlon. A Triathlon is a race that consists of Swimming, Biking, and Running (Instead of bikes, we will be using horses). This project will take some time to complete, and I am open to suggestions of how to improve it. I also wanted to be sure to run this by Krytix before I really started going with it. If you would like to compete in this Triathlon message me in-game or on this post. If you have any questions, do the same. My IGN is Thunder__Gaming. Thank you for your time. :)

Extra Hard Mode Update


Thanks to some prodding from Acdc, I finally got around to updating the EHM resource page on the site.  While I was updating that, I decided to make some adjustments to EHM as well.  One thing I removed that I know many will be happy about is the slowness with fall damage.  I increased that a bit and removed slowness.  Everything else is just minor adjustments now, but you'll want to take some time to review the page to see what's currently active.

Custom Enchants being Disabled


Unfortunately, I will be disabling the Custom Enchants plugin.  There have been too many bugs with the plugin (such as the jump or speed boots keeping the effect when not removing the boots).  Just today, I heard that someone could just throw a tool on the ground, and when it's picked back up, it would be repaired.  I like having the plugin and the possibilities it offered, but I don't like having something that's so unstable.  On the next server reboot, the plugin will be removed.