SMP - Dig Arena Info



Many have been asking for Dig Arena events. I've been post-poning them for a while now, on purpose. Sorry for the delay.

The Dig Arena is not 100% relialbe due to kids using Xray to find the chests. We have been coming up with ideas to fix this "hole". Some have suggested using ores or different Xrazy proof blocks as grounds. We're testing these ideas.

This is just to let you know that I have not forgotten.

Omnikraftia Status Update

Hello my good people, I'm here bringing one of the many status updates (hopefully) regarding my story. I have been sort of busy with life and playing modded minecraft lately, so I haven't had a chance to write the 3rd chapter. Instead of trying to rush it and try to release it today/tomorrow, I'm going to take the extra time and do it right. Hopefully the next chapter will come around Wed/Thurs. Stay tuned for further updates. Anyways, until then!

Oh hai guys

So I wanted to apologize for not being as a part of the community as I honestly wish I could. As I said before, I started a new job, and it's got crazy hours, but it's totally worth it. It's something that brings joy back to my life, and it surrounds me with the most positive people I ever could have met. I'm so excited to grow in this company and see where it takes me. 

July in Review #UnleashTheBeast

Total Expenses: $98.20

Total Donations: $191.67


The community had another strong month in donations and we are getting close to reaching the goal of purchasing The Beast, which will provide us a ton of flexibility as well as reduced operating costs.  Soon we'll be adding a new feature...